Samantha (purples) wrote,

thank you everyone

for all the awesome suggestions and best wishes for Dad and Luke.

I am really pushing for dad to take it further but at the moment he is very resistant. He wants to forget about it.

I told him about going to the media and he said no. Mum had also suggest going to Colling FC and again he said no as a time before his car was broken into in the members carpark and they didnt do anything.

He is feeling like no one cares so there is no point in doing anything.

I am upset the cops didnt do anything but I guess if I was a cop in this current climate I wouldnt want to put myself in danger either. The same goes with those at the station, I think everyone still has it fresh in their mind that last time someone tried to help someone they got shot and killed for their kindness. It is sad that we have to fear such things.

Dad and Luke would have a case to take it further especially with the ctv footage and with the trauma they are going through now but I am not sure if I can get them to do anything.

I am going to push the media side again as the Security Guard said this happens every week. They pick what they see as a soft target and they beat them just for the fun of it. The security guard said it wouldnt have mattered if my brother totally ignored them, they would have still jumped them. If I can push the "you will be saving others" path then perhaps he will take it further.

It is hard to say if they are ok. Dad has some lumps on the back of his neck and is very angry. Last time something traumatic happened to him he went into a deep depression - his health is bad anyway and I feel he is going to let it all get ontop of him again.

I will keep pushing and let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, try and keep yourselves as safe as possible. If you can, avoid travelling during football times and find a security guard and hang around them until your train arrives.
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