Samantha (purples) wrote,

Sooooo sleepy

I am exhausted after another whirlwind weekend in Sydney.

Went up and modelled for Matt Bylett for the Rubberball. I have no idea if the ball was good or not as I was backstage the entire night and our show wasnt on until 2am which is waaaaaaaay past my bedtime ;p.

I dont think I will do the Sydney thing anymore. I always feel there is a lot of effort and money from my part without much reward.

Dont get me wrong, I adore Matt and his designs are awesome but Sydney just doesnt do it for me.

I hope you are all well.

See you soon, maybe at the Bizare Music Festival at DV8 this coming weekend?

I am on the catwalk for 30 seconds for DV8 shop :)
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