Samantha (purples) wrote,

Recent Modelling Stuff

The last month has been a wee bit busy in regards to shoots etc.

I recently had the pleasure to model for Scarlet Zaphara Jewelry

Kate, Mel and myself were chosen to model the beautiful gothic jewelry at Monsalvat. The location was superb and the makeup, which was done by the extremely talented Bec Holack from Sydney, was incredible.

A great day and a great shoot.

The most recent item was for the cover of mX magazine which was shot yesterday morning and was on the trains by 2.30pm. It was to encourage people to donate blood. Initially they wanted the whole vampire theme which is why I was chosen but then they had to tone it down due to the exposure to children. Instead it ended up being a big cheesy grin to entice people to give up their blood ;p.

A few more things will be coming out soon but I shall leave you guessing ;)

P.S. I miss my Rael.
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