Samantha (purples) wrote,


I think the latest Fiend Magazine will be in Melbourne stores this weekend.

Shameless self promotion? A little but it is more abut supporting local alternative culture.

The more we can support those who are doing something about growing our alternative culture the more it will actually grow.

The magazine is getting better and better with every issue and if we can all support it and contribute to it then it will end up being a Coilhouse (if I may be so bold) or Gothic Lolita Bible. You can then say you were a part of its great success.

Speaking of supporting alternativeish culture. Who is going to Love Cats tonight? I think I might :).

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great cover!

the corset, is it designed as asymetrical or is it just the angle of the pic? I don't think I've seen one quite like it, was assuming it was one of Danie's but then read the text ;)
Thank you :).

No it is just the angle and the fact that I have a rather large right breast ;p

It is a Gallery Serpentine and it has all of this lovely black beading on it. Very swish.
Amazing pic! You deserve to be proud of it! I shall hopefully see you at Lovecats tonight :)
Thank you gorgeous.

You will indeed ;)
What a hottie!
thanks. you are not so bad yourself :D
Great cover shot! Well done.
Thank you very much :)
I love the poster shot of you, and the shot above the editor's letter, very powerful and sexy, just the way I like you ;)
It is a great edition, the interview with Jessica is wonderful too.
I miss you and love you, honey