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Modelling Agency Stuff

I can talk about one of the big jobs we have recently been involved in (the second one is released on 19/11 and I shall put up details then)

The Nando's campaign. The ad agency contacted me to supply models and after sending them photos of not only my own models but others who fit the brief they ended up choosing the two independents and one of my models. You will see posters and billboards around Australia. Congrats to the three models who are being seen Australia wide.

Last week we also appeared in the Melbourne Leader with an article and a photo of one of my models.

A couple of weeks ago we supplied 10 models for the OK Carnivale fashion show at Madame Brussels.

We have lots of things in the pipeline and as they come to hand I will post them.

I may start up an Agency lj if we get super busy :D
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